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  Product Profile:

    Tests 2009 is exam and quiz maker that enables educators to easily create quizzes with images, narrations, mathematical formulas to engage learners through the learning process. The program can be used to perform testing both at home and various educational institutions.
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Key features of the program:
  • Create an unlimited number of quizzes with text, images and mathematical formulas
  • The support of five question types:
    1. Multiple Choice (Single Answer);
    2. Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers);
    3. Arranging the answers in the correct sequence;
    4. Arranging the correspondences for the answers;
    5. Entering the answer manually, using the keyboard.
  • A flexible evaluating system
  • Powerful quiz maker
  • Logging reports of test results
  • Possibility of performing tests in the local network
  • Use Tests 2009 to take a look at statistical and analytic data like average and high scores, question difficulty

Awards received by the Tests 2009

Tests are powerful educational tools that serve at least four functions:

– tests help you evaluate students and assess whether they are learning what you are expecting them to learn.
– well-designed tests serve to motivate and help students structure their academic efforts.
– tests can help you understand how successfully you are presenting the material.
– tests can reinforce learning by providing students with indicators of what topics or skills they have not yet mastered and should concentrate on.

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