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"Tests 2009" consists of two parts:
1. "Test Editor" (Options.exe). The editor is used to fill in and edit the database, as well as to adjust various "Tests 2009 " settings.
2. "Test trainer" (Tests2009.exe and Tests2009Net.exe) is used to perform the tests based on the topics and questions that have been entered in the database with the help of "The editor".

Testing starts by running Tests2009.exe file. The main window contains four buttons; one can attach a specific test to the first three of them:

Test settings are set in the Options.exe module, this window contains six main tabs: Tests, Test Editor, Lists of Users, Reports, Default Options, About. See picture:

The test is presented in the form that contains question and answers variants. After having chosen the variant one moves to the next task. Also, the test contains additional elements that may be either present or absent in the test window. See picture:

The grade, test time and results, the number of correct and incorrect answers become known when test is completed.

To create new Test click “New Table” button in the module Options.exe in the “Test” tab. Enter table name. Set test settings in the “Tests” tab (test name, number of questions, testing time, etc.) Create test questions in the “Test Editor” tab:

Statistical and analytic data:

Test Editor Features

any types of questions
You can use Tests 2009 to create any types of questions - multiple choice, single choice, essay, find a match and ordered answer set.

creating an unlimited number of Test Banks and tests.
The number of available tests is limited only by free space you have on your computer.

formatting the text in your test like in Microsoft Word.
Tests 2009 includes built-in text editor for formatting of questions and choices. You can set font, color of symbols, use paragraphs, special symbols, mathematical formulas.

export and Import
If desired, tasks database could be exported to Excel and vice versa.


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